Happy Birthday Medford Friends Church!

On Sunday, October 14, 2012, we will celebrate our 70th birthday as a church, worshipping and serving Jesus in our community. Medford Friends Church began out of a vision of Friends in Salem, Oregon, who recognized the value of planting a new Friends Church in Medford. Our founding pastor, Milo Ross, had that same vision as he moved his family to Medford to begin the work of starting a new church.

The church held its first worship service on October 18, 1942, in the Ross home on the eastside of Medford. When the church was told they couldn’t build a bigger facility on the land they owned they took out an ad in the newspaper announcing they were a church without a neighborhood and if there was a neighborhood without a church let’s talk.

In February 1945, worship services were moved to Howard Elementary until the brick chapel was completed on our present site. As the years progressed the classroom section of the building was added, followed by the current sanctuary and fellowship hall, with numerous remodeling projects to follow, including the total overhaul of the middle section on the building beginning in 2002.

Throughout our 70 years, Medford Friends Church has been a loving body of believers filled with amazing people, and that includes you, who have sought to share the love and truth of Jesus with our families, friends, neighborhood, community and the world. That is still true today and although times, methods and ministries have changed, one thing has remained the same; we exist to worship, serve and glorify Jesus. 

I am thankful for every person who has been and those who currently are part of the family of believers who are called Medford Friends Church. As we serve Jesus together, exercising the spiritual gifts and abilities the Holy Spirit has given us and sharing the resources God has entrusted to us, we grow in faith and in the knowledge of Jesus, enabling us to serve in love and bring glory to God.

As we celebrate our 70th birthday, may we commit ourselves to another 70 years of loving, fruitful ministry in the love, truth and power of Jesus Christ!

                                               In Christ,




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