Before leaving on our recent trip to Mexico we switched to an international plan for our cell phones so we could be reached if needed. This plan would cost us $1.00 per minute for phone calls but was less expensive than renting a phone there.

Our cell service was rather spotty but one time when I was experiencing good reception I noticed that I had seven voice mails. Thinking that someone was trying to get in contact with us I called my voice mail and listened to my messages. All seven were from before we left on our trip and although I had previously listened to them, I had not cleared them, so I spent time and a few dollars listening to old messages.

That got me to thinking about how often we allow the residue of old sins, hurts and fears, messages of our old life, still grab attention in our lives. And every time we listen to them it costs us time, energy, maybe resources and certainly it can cost us peace. In John 8:36 Jesus said, “So if the son sets you free, you will be free indeed.”

When Jesus comes into our hearts, forgives our sin, heals our hurts and takes away our fear we are set free, but too often it seems like we continue to listen to those old messages and allow them to consume our time, energy, resources and peace. When those messages beckon us, instead of answering, let’s claim the freedom that Jesus purchased for us and then go forward in our lives as we seek what Jesus is saying and doing in our lives today!

                                                                           In His Grace, 



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