Recently I’ve been reading a book entitled “Greater” by Steven Furtick. It will soon be placed in the church library. Furtick’s premise is that “Most of us aren’t in danger of ruining our lives. We’re in danger of wasting them.” Using events from the life of Elisha the prophet Furtick shares how we can quit being satisfied with good enough and discover the greater things that God has for us. By Furtick’s definition, greater is, “The life-altering understanding that God is ready to accomplish a greatness in your life that is entirely out of human reach – beyond anything you see in yourself on your best day, but exactly what God has seen in you all along.”

Those greater things God wants to do in us aren’t necessarily just the big or public things, it can be as simple as being the best spouse, parent, or whatever else, God created and called us to be. And those greater things won’t happen if we spend our time lamenting over what we don’t have or what we can’t do, the greater things of God only happen as we seek God and His plan for our lives, as we grab hold of Him and never let go. 

It’s my hope and prayer that all of us at Medford Friends, individually and corporately, will seek and experience the greater that God has for us so that we may be and do all that He has in mind for us.

                                                                           God’s Grace and Peace,


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