It never ceases to amaze me how much God loves us and all of the ways, both big and small, that He reveals His love to us. Let me share one such experience I had recently.

Our daughter and her family had been on vacation and she accidently left her rings in their last motel room. She called the motel and they secured the rings and shipped them overnight to our house. The problem was someone had to sign for the package which meant that someone had to be home.

Not knowing when UPS would come, that morning I went into the church office but after a time decided it was time to take some work home and wait for the package. As I was turning into our neighborhood a UPS truck turned in right after me. Of course I began to wonder, is that truck headed to our house? That truck followed me all of the way to our driveway and I was barely out of my vehicle before receiving the package. The driver thought it was amazing timing; I told him it was definitely a “God thing.”

When I called our daughter to tell the package had arrived she was very relieved to know that her rings were now safely at our house. After talking to her I got to thinking about how amazing God’s timing was. If I had tarried while leaving the church I would have missed the delivery. If I had hit one more red light on the way home I would have missed the delivery.

God knew how much it meant to our daughter to have her rings back and He perfectly orchestrated the timing of my decision to head home and the arrival of the UPS truck to set our daughter’s mind at ease.

What a great reminder that there is nothing too big for God to handle and there is nothing too small for Him to care about. What is weighing on your heart today? Give it to Jesus and wait and watch to see how He acts to meet your need.


God’s Grace and Peace,


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