I absolutely love spending time with our 20-month-old grandson Jack. It’s amazing to watch as he learns something new every day and along the way he has taught me some things too.

One day when Jack and I were walking around the outside of the house, when we came to the back door of the garage he wanted to go in. The door was locked and I didn’t have a key with me so I told him we had no way to get in. He immediately said, with all confidence, “Knock.”

Jack knows that every time he knocks on a door it opens for him, so it only made sense to him that if we knocked the door would open for us. Of course, what Jack hasn’t learned yet is that the reason the door opens is because of who is on the other side.

In Matthew 7:7and 8, Jesus invites us to ask, seek and knock; saying that those who ask receive, those who seek find and to him who knocks the door is opened. We receive, find and have the door opened not just because we ask, seek and knock, but because of whom we are asking, from whom we are seeking and who is on the other side of the door.

Jesus invites us to ask, seek and knock, but when we do we need to allow him to give, reveal and open as He chooses. When we do, in His love, Jesus will always give us what is best, reveal what we need to know and lead us to the place where He wants us to be.   

                                                                                        Asking, Seeking and Knocking,  


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