During the forest fires in Southern Oregon in early August smoke was filling the valley and it was hard to even be outside. At that time it seemed logical to pray for a drenching rain to sweep through the area to clear the air and to help with the fires.

For days I prayed fervently for such a rain to come upon us without ever imagining that God would answer my prayer while we were driving on I-5 in the area where the fires were located. The rain was indeed drenching, just like I had prayed; it was like driving through the final rinse in a car wash, only it went on and on and on.

As I was driving and giving God thanks for the rain that was so desperately needed my wife Patsy began praying another prayer, “Lord, we can’t see where we’re going, please keep us safe.” And I am happy to say that God answered that prayer too.

For me, this was a great reminder that while we pray we don’t always know the future and we need to stay alert and we need to be open to adjusting our prayers as the Holy Spirit leads and circumstances change, but most of all, we need to keep praying.

                                       God’s Grace and Peace,


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