Years ago I bought a small chainsaw for removing tree limbs and large bushes. It has worked well but whenever I walked past it in the garage I always felt that it had greater potential, like cutting down a tree. The problem was I never had a tree to cut down, until recently.

Late last year it appeared that our flowering plum tree had died. It was a beautiful tree and I didn’t want to cut it down without going through this spring to see if it would bloom again. It didn’t so I knew what had to be done. It was a bitter sweet situation, I hated to lose the beauty of our tree, but since it was dead, I couldn’t wait to take my chainsaw to it. The job is now done and while I miss our tree, I don’t miss having a dead, barren tree out our kitchen window and how good it was to push my chainsaw to reach its full potential.

In the sports world they often talk about potential; for example, the potential of an athlete to reach a superior level of performance or the potential of a team to make a run for a championship. But the truth of the matter is, that like the potential of my chainsaw, all of the potential in the world makes no difference if steps are never taken to reach it.

As a church we have a long history of serving Jesus in our neighborhood and community, but Jesus isn’t through with us yet, and as His people, through His Spirit working in us, we have the potential to do new and even greater things than we’ve ever done before.

As we move through the pastoral transition process, seeking who God has as the next pastor for Medford Friends Church, please be praying for His clear leading and guidance. God has a plan and our potential as a church body will be fulfilled as we discern His plan and follow it.

                                           God’s Grace and Peace,


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