I want to thank everyone who contributed to our school supply drive for students at Howard Elementary this year. The quantity and quality of the supplies was a great blessing to the staff and they are looking forward to meeting the needs of a variety of kids and their families through our gifts.

Howard has a new principal this year, Javier del Rio, and after the delivery of the supplies we collected he called to thank us for such a wonderful, unsolicited gift of support. As we talked, Mr. del Rio shared with me some of the dreams he has for both the school and the neighborhood that we share, dreams to impact and change lives by bringing a variety of resources together.

We will keep everyone alerted to future opportunities we have to bless and minister to the kids and families in our neighborhood and through Howard Elementary, but one thing we can all do on a regular basis is to pray. Some things we can pray for include:

  For the protection of the students and staff at school;

  For there to be peace and peaceful solutions for all issues and disagreements;

  For the students to be able to learn and master the new knowledge and skills they need;

  For patience and wisdom for the teachers and staff;

  For God’s work in the lives of every family;

  For God to provide for and work in a powerful way through Good News Club;

  For the needed volunteers for the SMART program and Good News Club.

One of my dreams is for Howard Elementary to be one of the most prayed for schools in the nation and I hope that you will join me and others in praying for the students and staff there.

                                           God’s Grace and Peace,


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