Recently I had a small tech device that I needed to destroy so I grabbed my small sledge hammer and started hitting it. The first couple of times that I hit it I couldn’t believe that the device wasn’t destroyed, but instead the hammer just bounced off without causing any real damage. I thought to myself, that is one tough device. After several more hits I finally realized that I had grabbed my rubber mallet instead of my small sledge hammer, they have the same size handle and hammer head, but deliver a vastly different wallop. Recognizing my mistake I changed hammers and quickly completed my task.

That experience got me to wondering how many times I’ve grabbed the wrong tool to do the work of God’s kingdom, like:

Grabbing action without thought instead of waiting and seeking God’s will in prayer.

Grabbing worry or fear instead of faith.

Grabbing frustration and irritation instead of love and grace.

Grabbing the first words that come to mind rather than considering the impact of what I say.

Grabbing words that hurt rather words that build up.

Grabbing presumption rather than knowledge.

Grabbing impatience rather than patience.

Grabbing anger instead of joy.

Grabbing conflict and strife instead of peace.

When it comes to the work of God’s kingdom grabbing the right tool the first time really does make a difference, which is why this Sunday, October 5, we’ll begin a series in worship on the Fruit of the Spirit.

I hope you will make it a priority to join us and to allow God to continue developing His character in you so you have all of the right tools to do His work.

                                        God’s Grace and Peace,


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