The year is 2015. Back in 1989, in the movie “Back to the Future II,” the main characters, Doc Brown and Marty McFly, traveled forward in time from the year 1985 to 30 years in the future, 2015. The movie version of 2015 had among other things, hover boards, flying cars, shoes that affixed at the push of a button, and 3-D billboards. In 1989, 2015 seemed like a long way off and yet, here we are.

Most of what the writers and director of the movie envisioned for 2015 hasn’t yet happened but that doesn’t mean that the world hasn’t changed since 1989. We don’t have to look too far to see smart phones and watches, laptop computers and cars filled with technology that we never dreamed of in 1989. But even so, life isn’t really so much different than it was in 1989.

One way I hope that our lives aren’t the same as they were in previous years is in our relationship with Jesus. Jesus never intended for our relationship with Him to be static, stagnant or unchanging. From scripture we see that our faith and relationship with Jesus are to grow, mature and produce fruit for God’s kingdom. What that looks like is different for each one of us, but the one thing that is common for all of us is continued growth in our knowledge of Jesus and in our relationship with Him.

As 2015 unfolds, may we find ourselves growing in  our understanding of who Jesus is, growing in our faith in Him in every area of our lives and growing in the joy we have as we live in the love and power of Jesus. The year 2015 may not be like the movies, but as we grow with Jesus it will be much greater than anyone ever guessed.

                                         God’s Grace and Peace,


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