FROM THE DESK OF JESSE DAVIS  January. It is a month of new beginnings. We make resolutions to start the New Year right. We decide that we are going to live differently this year! As a church we have made that decision to live differently. We have a new pastor and are going to be doing things a little differently in the coming years. Who we are does not change, we are still going to be the Body of Christ. What we do does not change, we are still going to love people and honor God in all we do. How we do things is going to change, a little bit to start with and maybe more than we are all comfortable with in the end.

We do not have to be afraid of the coming year. God is at work today and we are going to be a part of that work. He wants us to take part in the redemption of this city. How can we say no to that? The opportunity that God is giving us in the coming year is to seek out new ways of connecting with people and building relationships which will impact lives for the Kingdom. As we build on the foundation that we have here we have a major advantage. We know this city. We know its people and its culture. We can use what we know to further the Gospel in this place if only we will offer our days to Jesus.

Over the coming months we are going to be looking at the Gospel of Matthew and who Jesus is. We are going to study this because there is no better way to see how a group of people can impact their surroundings by learning from Jesus than reading about the disciples and their Teacher. Please continue to be involved with this process of learning and growing with us here on Sunday’s and throughout the week so that we can impact this community for Christ.

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