From the Desk of Jesse Davis:    

Time seems to be speeding up on me. Maybe that is because I keep finding new ways to fill what empty space I have in my schedule. This month has been fun for me but it just seems like it shouldn’t be the end of it already!  I started acting as an assistant coach for a youth soccer club in the area and our first games are coming up in April. This has been a fun time to get out and spend some time with young kids and their families. I have really enjoyed it so far and am looking forward to the next couple months of participating in this fine activity that we know as Soccer.

I have also been blessed by many service opportunities and conversations throughout the month. Let me share the most recent one with you. We got a call from a man named Jason who was in dire need of some company and assistance. He had been going up to Washington to stay with his father for a while and on the trip to Medford his bags were stolen. In one of the bags was his medication to help regulate his blood sugar which he needs due to diabetes. With no money and no place to go here he ended up sleeping outside for a night and finally found his way to a hospital to get assistance when his blood sugar dropped so much that he couldn’t see. He was there for 8 days. He called us to see if we could help him out. He needed clothing and some company for a little while before he was scheduled to head to the bus station and continue his trek north. God let us be a part of his reunion with his dad through providing some clothing and support in payer and fellowship!

In the coming month I am going to be praying for more experiences like the ones I have had with Jason. I am going to see if I can make myself more available for the Kingdom of God in Medford. Will you participate with me in this kind of prayer? Will you ask God to give you chances to help people reconnect and reconcile with their Holy Father? Will you be available for God’s Kingdom purposes in your daily life?

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