It’s Too Hot!


Seriously though, this is too hot. If the temperature is hotter than my radio station it isn’t good. This month has been hot in a couple ways, first, our temperatures here in the valley and second, in other issues going on in our culture and nation. People are feeling the heat. People are sweating. They are expending more energy just to survive than they have in other seasons.

The best way to deal with the added strain on our body, church or physical, is to increase our intake of water. As Christians we have access to an every flowing well. This is a source of good, pure, life-giving water that makes us able to persevere when temperatures get hot and tempers flare. We are able to make it through the desert because God is providing water for us along the way. We are able to make it through the cultural change going on around us because God’s consistent, life-giving water doesn’t change or evaporate no matter how hot it gets. Let’s take some time this month to drink deep from the ever flowing well, time to rest in the shadow of His wings, and time to work up a good sweat for His Kingdom purpose here in Medford. It might be too hot, but God is too good to give us more than we can handle with Him.

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