Theme:  The Total Armor of God

1.  First-Find the passage that contains all the pieces of the Full Armor of God.

2. Take a collection bucket, bag, shopping cart, or whatever to collect the items in. These items can be big, small, trimmed up or used as is.

3.  All items must come from anywhere but cannot be bought, ever purchased, or machine made, manufactured or the “real” thing. In other words can only be something scavenged from nature, litter, “God” made etc. You can use discarded premade items i.e. bottle caps, foil, etc. (get the idea?)

4.  You must then take all your items and trim, shape, layer, bend or just as you found it and build a poster, picture, or collage with them and enter it in our upcoming October Pot Luck for all to judge and vote on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners. The “TOTAL  ARMOUR OF GOD” must be in the entry. (no missing parts) for it to be entered. Prizes to be determined.

Sound like fun? Well Wait, There's More!

We will take a little trip Sunday afternoon Sept. 20, to Union Creek. Van will be provided. Sign up on the information sheet, circle “S” for Scavenger. Bring back all your goodies and let the Artiste in you do the rest. Turn in your entries no later than October 8th. They can be stored in the empty office at MFC behind Terry’s office.

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