Looking Forward

I love this time of year! This is the time we have chosen to celebrate the birth of our savior. We have just had time set aside to look back on the year and be grateful for the blessings of God. Now we get too look forward to what the birth of Jesus means for us! As we look forward to Christ’s coming into the world we get to experience a sacred expectancy. We get to consider what life is like because of how God has chosen to enter into our lives. He chose to come make a way for us Himself. He was born in humble circumstance and lived a simple life. He invited normal men and women to follow Him and join in His ministry. He changed the world through His presence.

During this time of anticipation for the coming celebration can we take some time to think about the people that have invited us to join them in the journey and ways that their presence has changed our world? Maybe we can also take some time to consider inviting someone new.


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