I just got back from a trip to Mexico. I went down with a group to help build a house for a family in extreme need down there. We partnered with YWAM Central Baja to help this family. Four days was what we had scheduled to build a house from the ground up; the foundation was already poured and dry but we were doing the rest. We did the framing of the walls and roof panels, attached the exterior, painted it, and put it all together in four days. Going down there I was a little nervous about how little time we had. Four days isn’t enough time to get a building permit here so how were we gonna build a house in that time? I was amazed at the team and how we all worked together to get this new home built for this family.


As I think about the experiences I had working on the house I am reminded of the beauty of the church. When we all work together and pool our skills we can do things that we never thought possible. What might seem like an impossible task can be accomplished with what we think is not enough. God showed me that if we pull together with Him we can accomplish amazing things.

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