Ladies please join us for a baby shower for Janelle Ralph Friday, August 3 @ 6 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.

We will share a light salad buffet and celebrate the blessings of a new baby. Janelle is registered at Target and Amazon. Please note that sensitive skin runs in the family.  If you purchase diapers or wipes, please procure from the brands of Seventh Generation Free & Clear, or Babyganics, or Naty. This will make one baby very happy!


40-50 Year Gathering of Friends (late 60’s – 77ish!)

Some may remember Cindy Bateman Damschen. Cindy now resides in Washington and has reserved the MFC fellowship hall for a reunion. They will meet Saturday, August 11th, between 1-5 p.m.


The Bulletin Board in the Main Hallway has a list of current events and projects that we can be a part of showing the love of Christ to others. Be sure to check it out!

We are collecting gift donations for the Shoe Box ministry that we have been a part of in the past. This year we are hoping to fill 200 boxes! We are also raising funds to send those boxes overseas.

Boxes are available in the main hallway if you would like to take one now. We plan to get-together at MFC at a later date and fill boxes as a group project with the donated items. If you have any questions contact Kay Goeres.

The following items should not be included in boxes: no seeds, food, candy, toothpaste, gum, liquids, lotions, vitamins, meds, aerosol cans, anything glass, or war related toys.

Ideas for shoebox gifts are: clothing, shoes, musical instrument, soccer ball with pump, stuffed animal, doll, toy cars, jump ropes, yo-yos, toys that light up & make noise flashlights, (extra batteries are always good), socks, hats, sunglasses, hair clips, jewelry & watches, pens, pencils & sharpeners, crayons, markers, notebooks & paper, coloring & picture books, solar calculator, toothbrushes, bar soap, washcloths & combs.  


Many families in the local community cannot afford to provide school supplies for their children and we want to help lighten that burden.

Howard Elementary School Supply List

Supplies that get used all the time and that they run out of the most are: red, blue, yellow & green pocket folders; Ticonderoga brand pencils; 24 count Crayola crayons & Crayola color markers and glue sticks (not white glue).

Other supplies that we’ve given in the past include: pencil top erasers; large erasers; rulers; pencil pouches; notebook paper; pens; solar calculators; 3 ring binders; pocket dividers for binders; 3×5 lined note cards; spiral notebooks; Kleenex tissues and backpacks. We have a box in the main hallway for your donations.


From the Elders:  The Foster Parent Association is in need of items for the children's belongings.  If you have suitcases, duffel bags or backpacks in good condition that you no longer use, we can share our love by donating.  Please bring them to the church for delivery.  

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