In a Changing World – Trust God

The past week has been a changing world full of
unknowns in a time in my life where unknowns
abound, waiting for our bundle of joy to join us in the
next month. I jokingly told Jesse I just needed to
rearrange the bedroom furniture today so I could be
“in control” of something in my life. But really, I am
thankful for a Lord and Savior who is in charge and
has total control in the midst of what seems to us as
chaos. I don’t need to have control or function from
the need to restore order. Even more so my norms
are turned on their head. For the homebody in me, I
have been gently reminded to cherish moments
outside the home. For the introvert, I am made
increasingly aware of the need for fellowship and
communion with others. I am grateful for technology
and how even though we can be so isolated at times,
we are able to connect even on a virtual level – to my
mom across town, to many of you, and even abroad
to Mexico and Honduras where ones I love are living!
I am taken out of the rut I get myself into of everyday
living and am awoken in a new way – seeing life
through different eyes. Jesse looked at Elijah last
week and how his encounter with God proves He can
overcome any obstacle. As we look to Ezekiel this
weekend and the amazing unexplainable life brought
into dry dead bones, I am reminded of my own
encounters with a restorative, transformative and
overcoming faithful Father. I am encouraged to step
out and trust the God who has complete control and
to just to rest in His presence.

Our prayer for you this week is the same. Open eyes to
a glorious, powerful, present Father whose greatest
desire is to meet you this week and to pour out His love,
peace and goodness on you as you trust in Him to being
order to the disorder. Know you are loved and prayed

We love each of you,
Emily and Jesse

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