Be joyful always; pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.

I Thessalonians 5: 16

        During these days of rising numbers of covid virus in Jackson County and Oregon, we all realize the serious aspect of these times.  In these times I find myself looking for joyous events and things that will lift our spirits and allow us to feel some normal.  In the Tappero family we have experienced some “normal” things in new ways.

         We love tea parties with our 5-year-old granddaughter who lives in Portland so we have learned to have tele-tea parties via face time on our phones.  We stay in touch with family near and far, sharing events on line and face time. Our nephews are on two separate continents and we so appreciate we are in their lives via long distance calls and videos.  (Our grand-nephew is the cutest little guy ever!) Our family is very excited that our son Joseph and wife Leah are having a baby girl in Sept.  During this exciting time they have created a variety of new ways to continue to share the joy without in-person events.  We even had an online shower complete with games and prizes!

        While these currents times are stress-filled, I encourage you to look to your life for simple, happy events, finding new ways to share these joyous events, large and small with family, church family and friends. Individual calls, letters, notes, postcards, e-mails, texts, etc. are some ways we can share the joy in our lives and stay close.   Your joy brings joy to us all! 

        Life continues and thankfully Christ is in our life in many wonderful ways.  Let us remember He is with us in all our days.  It is to Him we give thanks for all our blessings.

        Be safe, please find and share hope and joy in each day.

        Blessings to each and every one of you,

        Carla, MFC Elders

NWYM Friends Women’s Virtual Retreat Oregon shine Retreat will be held at Twin Rocks Friends Camp October 3-9, 2020. The speaker this year is Liz Seume from Quaker Cove Camp. Because of COVID no paper registrations are available, register online!   If you need help with registration call Ellen Morse at 208-850-3131.  She will make it happen! We’ll be posting daily videos from Oct. 3-9 for a virtual version of our annual Friends Women’s Retreat! There will be some Bible Study, inspirational messages, & a chance for some fellowship online. We’ll have some fun tutorials and giveaways too!

Birthdays Being Celebrated in September include: Drew Krupp, Chuck Taylor, Raeleigh Cadd, Dave Wolff, Terry DuLong, Cody Taylor, Lena Anderson, Camille Ralph, and Carla Tappero.

From the Stewards: Breathe – to take air into the lungs and then expel it.

Breath is the source of life. God’s breath is mentioned multiple times in scripture, from the creation of Adam in Genesis 2, when God breathed the breath of life into Adam, to John 20, when Jesus breathed on His disciples to fill them with the Holy Spirit.

Breathing is essential to life and I suspect that in these days of Covid-19, we’ve all been thinking a little more about the air that we breathe. That’s why, as a lifelong asthmatic who knows how it feels to struggle to take a breath, when I am in a public space I wear a mask, to protect other people from the air I expel, and that’s why I am thankful for those around me who wear a mask to protect me. For me, wearing a mask, and wearing it right, is an act of Christian love.

All of the recent focus on breathing and air quality has lead the Stewards to install air purifiers in the fellowship hall, fireside room and main hallway. While we can’t stop viruses with these, or with any air purifier, they will go a long way towards maintaining a safer breathing environment. In conjunction with our existing electronic filter in the sanctuary, we hope to keep cleaner and fresher air in that end of the building.

We hope, with this improvement, we will all be able to breathe a little easier when we are able to meet again, and for years to come.           Mark

Let’s Work Together to Collect for HowardElementary School & Operation Shoebox!

Whether its classroom or online learning, back to school takes supplies, and this year is no different.  If you would like to participate by donating supplies to Howard Elementary, you can bring them to the church office or contribute funds and the CE committee will shop for you.  Ideas:  scissors, Kleenex, Crayola crayons- 8 count and 24 count Crayola markers-regular & thin, glue sticks, wide rule spiral notebooks, colored pencils, erasers, backpacks and Ticonderoga pencils. This is also a great time to start collecting these items for Operation Shoebox – and watch for small toys, hygiene items, socks, t-shirts, etc.       Thank you, CE Committee


We are trying something new for our MFC Church Family, if you have news that you would like to be included in the monthly Touchstone newsletter please  email  or call the office with the information you would like to share.

From Phyllis Krupp:   I’ve been reminded this week of Eve in the Garden of Eden.  In Genesis 3 Satan, in the form of a serpent, approached Eve and questioned her contentment. He was able to get Eve to shift her focus from all that God had done and instead look at the one thing he had withheld.  This is purely human nature.

During this pandemic it is so much easier to look at all that we have lost instead of focusing on what we still have. One thing that we have lost is the ability to worship together in church.  Satan may think that he has won the battle taking us out of church, but has he really won? When Emily suggested that we do a zoom meeting together on Sunday morning, several came back saying they had other plans, time with grandkids, hiking with friends, etc. Are we, instead of meeting Christ in the building, taking Christ with us in our everyday lives? 

As I look at the future of the church, I have been challenged to think outside the box.  What is God telling us through this pandemic?  I remember Jack Hamilton telling me years ago that he heard that the church would be non-existent in five years.  Of course the church has outlived that prediction, but is it time to think about a new direction for the Church of Christ? Will you pray with me for clarity on what God wants for His Church? When God reveals his plans for Medford Friends Church are you willing to accept his plan and go forward with it?

In the meantime, let’s put I Thessalonians 5:16-18 into practice: “Always be joyful. Keep on praying. No matter what happens, always be thankful, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.”

Financial Report

  •                     July 2020          Year-to-date
  • Income        $10,886.65          $104,907.12
  • Expenses      13,929.18              90,150.36
  • Difference      -3,042.53              14,756.76

We are very thankful for God’s continuing provision for us as His people and His church. And we thank everyone who continues to support the ministry of Medford Friends Church is these unique times with your prayers, financial gifts and time.

Correction to Richard Anderson’s address: 639 Miles Avenue, Billings, MT 59101

William Anderson’s college address: George Fox University 420 N Meridian Street #8074, Newberg, OR 97312

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