Camping Out

This weekend Emily and I are going camping! We are going to spend some time with Rick and Karen enjoying some creation and it will be Grayson’s first camping trip (we will take pictures!) As we were packing up today we had a list of things that we would need to go with us. Thinking about this process of preparing and packing makes me wonder how often we do that on our journey with Jesus. Do we make sure we have what we need for the trip that we are on? Are we prepared for the ups and downs or the twists and turns that might come our way? Do we have enough and more than enough just in case something unexpected happens and the journey doesn’t go exactly as planned? Or are we showing up with just the clothes on our back and expecting Jesus to have everything we need? While Jesus does fill the gaps in our life there is also work that needs to be done on our end to prepare for what He has in store for us. At the same time, we need to make sure there is room enough for what He wants to give us!

What does your preparation look like for the Christian life?

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