Change of Plans

“Man plans and God laughs.” – Yiddish Proverb

We had a plan. It was a good plan. I liked the plan. However, God decided to change our plan! We were going to host the Southern Oregon Area Meeting on February 27th but with the weather that we had been experiencing we decided to reschedule the meeting. Our area will still get together and hear about what is going on in our Yearly Meeting. We aren’t sure when, but it will happen.

I say that with full assurance that it will happen. Because God changes our plans all the time and it always works out in the end. He does good things in His own time. He plans and follows through even when it means our plans fall through. God is the one who is in control and this is just another reminder of that. “We aren’t sure when, but it will happen” is a good mantra for us to hold on to as Christians. It is a perfect summation of the hope that we have in Christ’s return. We don’t have to know when God is going to act or how God is going to take care of a situation to be sure that He is present and moving. Maybe a fitting response to the proverb above would be “God acts and Man praises.”  When our plans change due to God’s orchestration of our lives we can respond in praise or petulance. I hope that in this season of changing plans we are flexible enough to praise God.

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