Changing Lives

I just recently got back from a short-term mission trip to Mexico. We build a home for a single mother and her three children. It was an amazing week of working with great people and helping the Lord change this family’s world for the better. Spending time playing and building with the family was so worth it. Knowing that they have a safe place and a solid roof over their heads is a comfort. As much as building the home changed their lives it changed ours as well. We came to recognize how blessed we are and what opportunities we have been given. We give back because of all that Jesus has done for us and in so doing help to magnify His name and Kingdom in our world. Because Jesus has changed our lives, we work to help Him do that in other’s lives. It is Jesus that inspires and enables us to do these things. When we allow Jesus to change out lives we end up moving more and more closely towards the heart of God for those around us. Why is this? Because our will and being begin to reflect that of Jesus.

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