Cling to the Vine



Easter is just around the corner! We have been experiencing some wet weather here and while that may be nice for the plants it means our spring hasn’t been the sunniest. Days of cloudy overcast can get us down. The cool rain and breezes make us want to stay inside and curled up under a blanket. Some moments of sun have been very welcome relief but still it hasn’t felt like spring yet. A seasonal shift makes us excited for something new and the refreshing that comes with spring always makes me think of renewed life and vibrancy in our natural surroundings.

            Over the next few weeks we are going to explore the idea of God’s Vineyard and Jesus as the Vine. My hope in doing this is that we will come to appreciate God’s work in our lives and Jesus as the source of our lives. As we like to cling to our blankets and cocoa on rainy, cold, and overcast days my hope is that this exploration of God’s Vineyard will help us cling to Jesus when things aren’t the way we hoped they would be. If you want a preview of where we are going to be in the coming weeks look at Matthew 20, Luke 20, and John 15. I hope that you are as excited about this Easter as I am and that the Son shines a bit more in your life this spring!

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