Cloudy Days


It is amazing to me that weather can have such a profound impact on our mood. We experience seasonal and weather changes with our emotions as well as our bodies and that is phenomenal in my opinion. Sunny weather and summer are often experienced as a time of wonder and exploration, even lifting our spirits and feeling not just warmth from the sun but warmth in our souls. Contrasted with that is cloudy weather and winter. Dark and gloom sink into us and we are often left colder, physically and emotionally. Even with celebrations at this time people often experience this darkening/chilling effect of the weather. It makes me consider what other events or circumstances affect me.

We often call life events “seasons” and in doing so recognize that our lives change. It is a good practice to recognize that life events and circumstances are variable and can shift or be changed by events often outside our control, like the weather. Unlike the weather we have a choice as to what our response will be to the changing seasons of life. Knowing that spring will come after winter ought to give us peace of mind and encouragement on the cloudy cold days. In a similar way we have a promise of new “seasons” in Christ. Many in our world feel like we are living in cloudy days (and not just because it is winter) they are letting that coldness sink into them and their responses are often negative and as chilly as a winter breeze. That is the response of a person who has forgotten that seasons change. They feel as though we are locked into a perpetual winter and therefore have lost sight of the sun beyond the clouds.

As Christians we need to remember that there is a Son who shines for us even on cloudy days and during wintery seasons of life. The hope we have in Christ is one of a new creation, a new day dawning, a change in the seasons that will come. That fills us with warmth and hope and changes our response to the cloudy weather and storms of this life. On cloudy days we know that the sun will come again, during the stormy nights we know that it will pass one eventually, and in times when we don’t remember what spring feels like we get a glimpse of the beautiful God who makes us grow. I hope that your cloudy days are filled with glimpses of the Son shining through this month!

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