Costumes and Celebrations

I don’t know about you but I have had a very full and crazy summer!

I was able to go and participate in a couple of youth camps and spend time at yearly meeting. I had some health problems and got them sorted out. I had some time out rafting and sightseeing around the valley. It has been a busy season for me! If that is the case for you, too, then I bet you are looking forward to a time of gathering and rest.

Fall is a season where people bring in the harvest and get together for celebrations. It is the beginning of many things, school, and work often picks up a bit more for us. Trips aren’t scheduled unless it has to do with a holiday. We find ourselves putting on the regular schedule and getting back to normal. This can be a good thing but often it results in us going back to the same old costumes and masks that we wear to be accepted in the different parts of our lives.

The challenge I am trying to live into this season is to refuse the costume and leave the mask off for the sake of authenticity. As our students and young people are gearing up for a return to their “normal” lives and schedule can we adults live as examples of authenticity. Can we refuse to wear the costumes and masks that society calls us to? Can we instead live with authenticity before one another and, more importantly, before God?

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