December 12 through 17

Monday – Read I Kings 19:9-13

Why was Elijah so tired here?

What did God do for him?

How did God come to him?

What does this tell us about how important it is that we be quiet before the Lord?

Take some time to listen quietly for God’s voice.


Tuesday – Read Psalm 46:10

How can God be exalted by our lives?

How does our stillness and quiet before Him help make that happen?

How does God change us when we are quiet before Him with no agenda other than
to be with Him?

How is Jesus challenging you with this verse? What will you do?


Wednesday – Read John 10:22-30

Why didn’t the religious leaders recognize Jesus’ voice?

How can we know Jesus’ voice better?

How does this passage challenge you?

How will you respond?


Thursday – Read James 1:19-22

How does being quick to listen help us to be slow to anger?

Why is it important to rid our lives of anger and moral filth?

What must we do besides listen to God’s word?

How might the world be different if everyone did this?

How does this passage challenge you? How will you respond?


Friday – Read I John 1:1-4

As we live with Jesus, with whom may we have fellowship?

What does it mean to have fellowship with God?

What has God done to open the door for this fellowship?

What is our part in living in this fellowship?

How does this passage challenge you? What will you do?


Saturday – Read Luke 1:26-38

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