December 5th to 10th


Monday – Read Romans 3:21-26

What separates us from God?

Who has made atonement for us so that we may be one with

How may we be justified?

What is Jesus saying to you? How will you respond?


Tuesday – Read John 17:20-26

With whom does Jesus pray that His people will be as one?

How can this happen?

What is our part in this sense of oneness?

What might you do to live more at one with God?


Wednesday – Read John 10:7-10

What is the purpose of a door or gate?

When it comes to Jesus, He is the door or gate to what?

How does this describe the work of Jesus in our lives?

What is Jesus saying to you? How will you respond?


Thursday – Read John 14:1-6

How is Jesus the way, the truth and the life?

Why can no one come to God the Father except through Him?

What does it mean to us that the Father’s house has many

Who do you know that does not yet have a room reserved in their

name? Take time to pray that they will find Jesus.


Friday – Read John 19:28-30

What do you see here that is significant about Jesus’ death?

What was Jesus declaring was finished?

What hope does this declaration give you?

Take time to thank Jesus for finishing the work of salvation
and for continuing to work to complete the good work He began in you.


Saturday – Read Luke 1:26-28

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