Drying Out

We are approaching summer. Also known as Fire Season here in Oregon. As we do I want us to remember the potential for dryness around us and the possible wildfires that can happen. We are aware of the need to be careful of a stray spark or lighting strike or some other accident. We are always sure that human error can sometimes start a fire. Occasionally there are those who go out and will intentionally start a fire. All of the things are dangers but in most of them it takes the right set of circumstances for a wildfire to spread. You may be wondering where I am going with this, but just stick with me!

Just as with the danger of fire season approaching, we start noticing how dry it is we can also take note of spiritual dryness in our society (and sometimes ourselves) preceding times of a Spirit led revival. While for a regular wildfire it takes the right circumstances to spread a spiritual wildfire can spread even across oceans of water. God’s movement and activity may be mysterious to us but He is still moving! Our society may seem dry right now, but maybe God is preparing us for a spiritual wildfire unlike anything seen in our world before!

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