Faith Beyond Reason


 As I am preparing for my upcoming trip to Russia I am thinking about the opportunity I will have to experience God’s presence in another culture. I am looking forward to all that I will learn from our Russian friends and their experiences with Jesus in their daily lives. I wonder what wonders I will experience in that place and with the people that God has planned for me to be with during my time there. I am also thinking of my family. They are worried that I am going to a potentially dangerous area at a volatile time. They think I am a little crazy for going to Russia when tensions between our nations are so high. They question the wisdom of such actions and I am tempted to agree with them. They have always been good about looking out for me and their care for me in this instance is shown by their worry.

Sometimes God asks us to do things that don’t make sense to the world. Things which are exciting and scary and life changing. Things that push us and pull us into being the people that God created us to be. We are asked to imagine a world where God is going before us and with us and after us no matter the situation we face. We are tasked with having a faith beyond reason. Writing about the opportunity that God has given me has to start with recognizing that He is already doing things to make this trip something that honors Him. In spite of the potential for this situation to go wrong I am trusting that God will use whatever happens for His purposes and plans. I may not understand why this thing or that thing happens on this earth but I trust that God is working in and through them for His purposes and one day I will look back at what has happened and recognize that the faith I place in my Savior is not beyond reason at all.

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