Forward Progress

There is a concept in American football called forward progress. When a ball carrier is stopped and forced back by their opponent the ball is marked at the furthest forward point. This is to make sure that people do not simply pick up and carry the ball carrier backwards. It is a nice idea that keeps the game from devolving into a mad sort of brawl with both teams trying to carry their opponents around the field. As I think about the way our world works and the rules we come up with to help keep it from devolving I find that there is no rule of forward progress. Your bank account does not maintain the highest balance it has ever had. Your cars gas tank does not obey this rule either. Nor does the human stomach stay full. In the game of football, it is easy to see how this rule is useful but in our daily lives there is no comparable rule. We have to keep adding money to the bank, gas to the car, and food to the stomach.

Here is something that may seem controversial but, following Jesus does not have a rule of forward progress either. God’s grace is a wonderful thing don’t get me wrong. That being said we can choose to walk away from Him and He does not have to honor our onetime relationship with Him. The Christian life is one of continuing relationship with Jesus. We get to keep going with Him every day. Forward progress for us is continuing that connection with Him day by day. Being close to Jesus is our goal line.

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