In The Garden 2

I was wrong about the Brussels sprouts, they bolted and have been replaced (pics above).
For anyone interested the blue wall of water season extender is protecting a 1 year old asparagus crown that hitched a ride with something I transplanteIn The Garden 2.1d last year.  The peas are coming along, and progrIn the Garden 2.2ess made toward being ready for the new season.  I tried some of the rainbow chard and find it a bit stronger and coarser than the green but good.  I forced some of the green on Jesse, so he would know what it was already about, but found that Terry and Dawn had already introduced him to the veggie.  Well, he'll have to cook what I gave him.
It was a wet week and the soil is too wet to work but transplanting is easy.

– Nate Swift

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