Give it up for Jesus

As we head into the Lent season and look forward to Easter I want to share about the gift of Jesus’ death. Lent is a season where we acknowledge what Christ has given up for us by giving up something for Him. Typically, it is something costly. Many people change their diets for lent, or give up fast food, or some activity that is precious to them.  Christ gave up the security of heaven for us. He came to live as a Human and suffer all the things that we do because of the curse of sin. He came to conquer sin by living a perfect life and dying a perfect death for us so that we can now be under His covering and have restored relationship with God. Lent is a reflection on this gift from Jesus. Those things that people give up are symbols and reminders of the selfless giving that Christ offer to us. He gave up everything for US: People broken by sin, opposed to His ways, and distant from Him in every way. He made a way for restored relationship by building a bridge to God through the Cross and the Empty Tomb. What a powerful gift.

As we head into this season, what might God be calling you to give up for this season? What powerful gift can you give to God? Is it devotion? Is it prayer? Is it worship? Is it a relationship that needs to be submitted to His will? Ask God what would be a good thing to give up and I am sure that He will answer you.

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