God’s Long-Term Solution

In January I started having some pain and problems with my right knee. At first I tried to deny that it was hurting and kept pressing on. When that didn’t work I tried to ignore it, hoping that it would get better. But when it continued to hurt nonstop and began locking up and buckling at the most inopportune times I decided it was time to go to the doctor.

I was hoping that all I needed was a cleanout surgery to remove any debris floating in the joint. No such luck and needless to say, hearing the diagnosis that my knee was the poster child for knee replacement surgery did not excite me at all. There are some short-term helps, injections, which may provide some relief, but the doctor assured me that my only long-term solution was replacement surgery.  Not ready to do the replacement thing yet, I had an injection and hope to put off the inevitable surgery for as long as I can.

I want to thank everyone who has prayed for my knee. The injection I received has helped far more than anyone would have anticipated and I know that it is due to your prayers.

This experience got me to thinking about the human spiritual condition. Humankind has a long-term problem with sin, and it’s a long-term problem that requires a long-term solution. But too often it’s easier to try to deny the problem and then try to ignore both our sin, and what God says about it, rather than pursue God’s long-term solution. And when denying and ignoring don’t work, we often then try to redefine our sin in an effort to make it seem acceptable to God, thinking that will ease our guilt.

If we are honest with ourselves, we realize that none of our short-term solutions will work for very long and that’s because freedom, peace and joy only come when we apply God’s long-term solution to our long-term problem; the cleansing blood of Jesus that is applied to our hearts as we confess and repent of our sin and turn to Jesus to receive His forgiveness and cleansing from our sin, guilt and shame.

This is what the message of Easter, Resurrection Sunday, is all about. While we were trapped in sin with no way to be forgiven and released, Jesus died for us, but He also rose from the dead, defeating the power of sin and death in the lives of everyone who puts their faith in Him and follows Him.

Because of Jesus’ death and resurrection we no longer need to deny our sin, ignore our sin, redefine our sin or chase short-term solutions that leave us trapped in our sin. Instead, through the work of Jesus we may experience the forgiveness, cleansing, victory and freedom that Jesus offers to all who come to Him.

Thankful to be Forgiven and Free,


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