It has been a crazy couple months. From the bottom (and top) of my heart I am grateful for such a wonderful church family. You have blessed me so much and I will never be able to live up to the love that has been shown. It is more than I deserve. I have said it before (and I will say it again now) the only measurement that Quakers know is abundance. Thank you for all your support and prayers over the last month and a half as my family and I have mourned the loss of a son and brother.


              As we look towards Christmas and the celebration of Christ’s coming into the world I am excited. I love how this season brings people together and helps us show our appreciation for one another. We get to give to one another.


The giving we typically think about is in the form of presents given to our friends and family. We buy or make gifts for certain people based on what they like and what we feel they would enjoy or sometimes need. This is good and ends up being really exciting, especially for the younger members of the family! We do this to show how special the people are to us, that we care about them and want to share that in a physical way through a gift of some sort.


Another way we can give is through our presence, being together and sharing our lives is a wonderful gift that we give to one another. We were made to be in relationship and it is during the Christmas season that we celebrate this by coming together and celebrating. We aren’t celebrating ourselves though. We are celebrating Jesus. Our little reunions around the holidays where we share ourselves with one another reflect the Great Reunion of God and the World through Jesus.


As we gather together during this season make sure that you share yourself with those you love. Take time to celebrate being together. Make space to enjoy the relationship that is offered to you in Jesus, a Great Reunion with God. Above all remember to give (yourself, your love, and your other gifts) with the only measurement that Quakers know: Abundance!

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