Heart Wrenching



This month we are going to talk about some of what is going on in my life. Over the past month I have spent time at a high school camp as a counselor, celebrated life with some of our members out at the Schlosser’s pool party, and had a number of doctor’s appointments. What do all these things have in common? They all relate to the heart.


As a camp counselor I got to spend a week with some young men who are pretty awesome. They came from varied backgrounds and churches but we all came together to enjoy our week of camp exploring nature and the nature of our lives with Jesus. We spent some time staring at the stars and talking about their creator. We played a bunch of games together and listened to a lot of messages about who God is and how much He loves us. All of this served to put us in a place where Jesus could do some work on our hearts, some heart wrenching if you will. It was sometimes painful for the students and myself to let Jesus get to work in the messiness of our lives but when He is allowed to work we find that life functions better.


At the Schlosser’s BBQ I got to hang out with some of our lovely church members. We had a good time enjoying a nice day in a great setting with fantastic people. Swam a little bit, ate some really good food, and played a long card game that I didn’t win. I’m not bitter. I’m not. Really. I love when we can do things like this as a church. Getting together outside of our Sunday morning routine is so valuable because we are able to interact in ways that are more open and not so limited by time as we often are on Sunday. We had some great conversations about what was going on in the lives of the people around our table, some of us are pretty content and satisfied by what is going on, some of us less so. Each of our stories is one of the Great Mechanic (Jesus) working in our lives and tuning our hearts to see His grace on a daily basis.


As I spent time at the various doctor’s appointments over the last month I was getting my heart tested and trying to figure out what is going on in there. I still don’t know. I am hoping that a test I have scheduled for tomorrow will reveal what is happening with my heart and give me some way to go to fix the thing. I think that sometimes all we can do is let the people who can deal with these things deal with them. Sometimes that means they have to get pretty invasive in their techniques but if that is what it takes to be well then bring on the invaders. As I wait for a test I can’t help but think about Jesus. What his invasion into my heart has been like and how it is still continuing to this day. How letting Jesus function as the Great Mechanic who changes my heart and gives me the tune ups I need to maintain my relationship with Him will inevitably lead to a better life for me. Not easier by any means, but better.


My hope for us is that we would let God do the hard work of changing our hearts to love Him better and love other better, too. That we would be a people who have been well maintained in their relationship with Jesus and that each of us has a heart that has been tuned to how God originally intended us to function.

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