Home Study April 22nd to 27th, 2013

Monday- Read John 11:17-44

What was the last funeral you attended? What was it like?

Why was Jesus “angry in His spirit and deeply moved” (v.33) when He saw everyone weeping?

What does this teach us about God’s view of death? Sin?

Is there a “resurrection” that you need in your life right now?


Tuesday- Read Luke 8:35 & Acts 22:3

Take time today to sit at Jesus’s feet.

What can be learned about humility?

How does this passage challenge you?


Wednesday- Psalms 16:5, 27:4, 73:26,119:57,142:5

Today write Psalms 73:26 on a 3×5 card or in a journal and memorize these verses. You can do it!

Make Jesus your Portion today.


Thursday- John 12:1-3

What is the significance of Anointing?

What was Martha doing in this passage?

What was Mary doing in this passage?

Who do you identify with in this passage? Why?


Friday- John 11:1-16

How does Jesus demonstrate his power?

How have they stood by you in the battles of life?

What strategies are you using in your life to pursue God’s destiny?


Saturday- Read Exodus 19:1-25

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