Home Study April 2nd-7th 2012

Home Study April 2nd-7th 2012


Monday: Read Matthew 25:1-13

What happened the last time your electricity went off?

How prepared were you?

If you knew Jesus would return next week, how would you live your life differently?


Tuesday: Read Matthew 25:14-30

As a kid did you receive an allowance?

How did you usually spend it?

What areas in your life are you “burying,” rather than using for God?


Wednesday: Read Matthew 25:31-46

Have you ever been stopped by someone begging in the street?

What did you do?

What principle is Jesus teaching in this passage?


Thursday: Read Matthew 26:47-56

Have you ever been betrayed by someone close to you?

Why is Jesus being arrested here? What has He done to deserve it?

How should we respond when we are betrayed by someone close to us? Why?


Friday: Read Matthew 27:26-31

Why did the soldiers mock Jesus?

Why did Jesus put up with these things?

How do your sufferings compare to what Jesus went through?

How does your response compare with His?


Saturday: Read Matthew 28:1-20

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