Home Study for August 18 through 23, 2014

Monday – Read Titus 3:3-8
In one or two sentences, describe what you were like before Jesus came into your life.
How would you describe what He did for you?
How are you different?
What needs to hear your story of what Jesus has done in you?

Tuesday – Read I Timothy 1:12-17
What does Paul say is the reason that Jesus saved him?
Through what did Paul receive forgiveness and life?
Why did Jesus save you?
What has He called you to do?

Wednesday – Read Titus 2:11-14
How does accepting God’s grace change our lives?
As followers of Jesus, what is the hope that we have?
How does that encourage you today?

Thursday – Read I Peter 4:7-11
How should we live in these days?
How powerful is love?
In all that we do, who deserves to receive glory?

Friday – Read Romans 12:9-21
How should we treat the people in our lives?
How can pride get in the way?
How far should we go to live in peace with others?
What if they don’t want to have peace between them and us?
How can we overcome evil?

Saturday – Read I Peter 4:8-11

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