Home Study for August 4 through 9, 2014

Monday – Read Philippians 4:4-7
How is the peace of Jesus described here?
Why is that?
What direction does this passage give us to receiving the peace of Jesus?
What will you do to experience more of the peace of Jesus?

Tuesday – Read I Thessalonians 5:16-18
For what can we give thanks in all circumstances?
Why can we trust that God will work for good in everything we face? (See Romans 8:28)
Take time to give God thanks for His blessings and how He is working in your life.

Wednesday – Read Psalm 119:129-136
All of Psalm 119 is about God’s word and the power it holds.
What does the psalmist say that God’s word did in his life?
How can God’s word direct our lives and set us free from sin?
What do you need God’s word do in your life these days?
What will you do to be more filled with God’s word?

Thursday – Read Romans 10:9-13
Why is the name of the Lord so powerful to save us? (See Acts 4:12)
Save us from what?
How important is it for us to be sure that when we act “in the name of Jesus” that we do what Jesus wants?
What is Jesus saying to you? How will you respond?

Friday – Read II Thessalonians 1:11-12
How may the name of Jesus be glorified in us?
Why is this important?
Who needs to see Jesus in you?
What can you do to help them see Him?

Saturday – Read John 3:16

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