Home Study February 20th through 25th

Monday – Read John 13:34-35

How are we as believers to love one another? Who is our example?

What did this kind of love cost Jesus? What did it cost us?

Why is the love of Jesus’ people such a powerful testimony to His resence in our lives?

How is Jesus challenging you? How will you respond?


Tuesday – Read Galatians 6:2

What does it mean to “carry each other’s burdens?”

How does prayer factor in?

How does this fulfill the law of Christ? See Matthew 22:34-40

How is God challenging you? How will you respond?


Wednesday – Read Nehemiah 8:1-18

What happened when God’s word was read in public?

Why could this happen?

Can this still happen today? Why?

How does this challenge you? What will you do?


Thursday – Read James 1:19-25

How does God’s word clean sin from our lives?

Why is it important to not just know God’s word but to do it?

What promise is given in verse 25 for those who know and do God’s word?

How does this passage challenge you? How will you respond?


Friday – Read II Peter 3:18 and Revelation 22:21

How important is it that we know and grow in God’s grace?

How does growing in our knowledge of Jesus help us do that?

How significant is it that the last verse of the Bible involves God’s grace?

What are these verses saying to you? How will you respond?


Saturday – Read Luke 1:1-4

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