Home Study for August 26 through 31, 2013

Monday – Read Matthew 25:31-46

What does this parable say to you? To the church?

What challenges you the most?

What are some ways we can best show the love of Jesus to the people around us?

What will you do?


Tuesday – Read Matthew 9:35-38

How did Jesus view the people around Him? Why?

Is this true for the people around us today?

Take time to pray about what Jesus would have you do and for more workers to be sent out into the fields.


Wednesday – Read Matthew 20:25-28

How does leadership in God’s kingdom differ from that in the world?

Who is our example?

How are God’s ways different from the ways of the world?

What happens if we try to do God’s work in the ways of the world?

How does this passage challenge you? What will you do?


Thursday – Read Mark 2:1-12

Why did the men bring their friend to Jesus?

How determined were they for him to encounter Jesus?

Who do you know that needs the touch of Jesus in their life?

What can you do to help them encounter Him?


Friday – Read Mark 9:33-37

What is Jesus saying here about leadership in His kingdom?

How do you think the disciples felt after hearing this?

How does this apply to our lives today?

How does this passage challenge you? How will you respond?


Saturday – Read Matthew 7:1-6

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