Home Study for August 5 through 10, 2013

Monday – Read Psalm 66:18, Isaiah 59:2 and I John 1:9
What impact does unconfessed and unforgiven sin have on our ability to pray and commune with God?
Why is this true?
When is the best time to confess our sin to God?
How do these passages challenge you? How will you respond?

Tuesday – Read Luke 6:12-16
What did Jesus do before selecting the twelve apostles?
What does this say to you?

Wednesday – Read Luke 11:1-4
What do you suppose inspired the disciple to ask Jesus to teach them to pray?
What was different about how Jesus prayed verses how the religious leaders prayed?
How do you suppose this changed the prayer lives of the disciples?
How might it change yours?

Thursday – Read Philippians 4:4-7
How does rejoicing, praying and giving God thanks change our anxiety into peace?
Remember a time when this was true for you. How did this increase your faith?
How does this passage challenge or encourage you in these days?

Friday – Read James 4:7 and 8
What does it mean to “submit ourselves to God?”
What does it mean to “resist the devil?”
Which is harder to do? Why?
Submitting ourselves to God, giving as much as we know about ourselves to as much of God as we understand, is the key to living in an intimate, vital, living relationship with Him. How does this passage challenge you? How will you respond?

Saturday – Read Matthew 6:19-24

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