Home Study for December 3 through 10, 2012

Monday – Read John 15:18-27
Why should we not be surprised when we face persecution or attack?
How does knowing this help us to respond to the attacks we face?
How does this knowledge encourage you in whatever you’re facing?

Tuesday – Read Matthew 5:43-48
How does Jesus call us to respond to our enemies?
How did He demonstrate this for us? See Luke 23:34.
What does loving and praying for our enemies say about our relationship with Jesus?
Who do you need to love and pray for?

Wednesday – Read Ephesians 6:10-18
What do we learn here about the opposition we face?
Why is it important to understand this?
How do we overcome this opposition?
A good practice is to pray through these verses each morning to prayerfully put on God’s armor for the day.

Thursday – Read I Peter 5:5-11
Satan is the one enemy we are not to love nor pray for because it won’t do any good. His rejection of God was complete and he sealed his eternal fate by his own choice and actions.
How is Satan described here? How does this help us to understand his actics and how to resist him through
What does God promise to do after we’ve suffered?
How does this passage encourage you?

Friday – Read Hebrews 12:1-3
What advice do these verses give us about standing against opposition?
What encouragement do you find in knowing that others before you have overcome the same discouragement?
How does keeping our eyes on Jesus help us to overcome?
What do you need to do to overcome discouragement today?

Saturday – Read Nehemiah 4:7-23

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