Home Study for June 11 thgrough 16, 2012

For the next few weeks all of our home study will be based on the Northwest Yearly Meeting of Friends Church's 50-day Prayer Journal

Monday – Read Psalm 145:1-2

Home many times in these verses does David promise to extoll or praise the name of God?

Extoll means to glorify or make known. List three reasons God is deserving of your worship.

How might it change each day if you started by reflecting on God and extolling Him? Take time to do that each day.


Tuesday – Read Psalm 145:3-7

Do you spend time each day praising and extolling God?

What can you do to help the “next” generation to know God?

Take time to pray for our children and youth (at MFC and in NWYM) and the people who work with them.

Find a way to share God’s truth with some who is younger than you.


Wednesday – Read Psalm 145:8-12

How is God described here, what stands out to you?

Do you think this is how most people view God? Why or why not?

How have you experienced God’s grace and compassion in the last year? The last month? The last week? Today?

Ask God to prepare you to speak of Him to someone today.


Thursday – Read Psalm 145:13-16

What are some ways that God has provided for you?

Verse 15 speaks to God meeting needs in the proper time, remember some times when God’s timing was perfect in meeting your needs.

Take time to remember what God has done in your life and give Him thanks.


Friday – Read Psalm 145:17-21

What stands out to you in this passage?

Name at least five promises found in this prayer.

How have you seen these promises to be true in your life?

Take some time to pray these promises for yourself and for someone else who you know needs them.


Saturday – Read Luke 3:15-20

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