Home Study for June 3 through 8, 2013

Monday – Read I John 1:8-10
Will anyone besides Jesus ever live without sinning?
How then may we be made pure in heart?
How does this passage encourage you?
How will you respond?

Tuesday – Matthew 7:13-14
What does this passage say to you about being pure in heart?
What is the ultimate destiny of those who are not?
Why is it so hard for people to find the narrow road that leads to life?
How can you help others to find that road? What will you do?

Wednesday – Read Matthew 7:1-6
What does it take to be an effective peacemaker?
Is this harder than just telling people what they need to know? Why?
How does this passage challenge you?
How will you respond?

Thursday – Read Ephesians 2:11-22
How did Jesus break down the barrier between God and men?
How did Jesus break down the barrier between Jews and Gentiles?
What does it mean that Jesus is building His people into a holy temple?
How does this challenge you? How will you respond?

Friday – Read II Corinthians 4:7-18
Where does the power come from for us to overcome persecution?
How does the death of Jesus reveal or point to the life of Jesus in us?
Why was Paul encouraged by his troubles? Is that true for us too?
Where are your eyes fixed today?
How can you keep them fixed on Jesus?

Saturday – Read Matthew 5:13-16

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