Home Study for March 26 through 31

Monday – Read Isaiah 7:10-14 and Matthew 1:22-23

What is significant about Jesus being born of a virgin?

What does His virgin birth tell us about Jesus?

What does it mean to our lives that Jesus is “Immanuel” – God with us?

What is Jesus saying to you? What will you do?


Tuesday – Read Isaiah 53:1-12

What do we see about the life of Jesus here?

Why was this necessary to save His people from their sin?

As one who has been forgiven of your sin what do you want to say to Jesus right now?


Wednesday – Read Psalm 2:1-12

How is the Messiah revealed in verse 7?

Why is this important?

According to this passage, how successful will the nations ultimately be in rejecting Jesus?

What hope does this give us?

How should we live in light of that hope?


Thursday – Read Isaiah 9:1-7

How is Jesus as Messiah described in this passage?

What comfort do you find in hos Jesus is described in verse 6?

How long will His kingdom last?

What hope does this give you for living for Him today?


Friday – Read Isaiah 11:1-5

How is Jesus the Messiah described in this passage?

What jumps out at you the most?

What evidence of Jesus’ power do you see here?

How does this passage challenge you?

How does it encourage you?


Saturday – Read Matthew 21:1-11

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