Home Study for May 20-25

Monday – Read Matthew 28:16-20
To whom does this command of Jesus apply?
To whom are we to share the gospel?
By whose authority?
Under whose power?
How does this passage challenge you? What will you do?

Tuesday – Read I Corinthians 1:18-25
Why is the message of the cross “foolishness” to those who do not believe?
What does Paul say Jews and Greeks were looking for?
Why did they miss the truth of Jesus?
How does this apply to our culture today?

Wednesday – Read Romans 1:16-17
Why was Paul not ashamed of the gospel?
How did the gospel of Jesus change him?
How do you suppose that encouraged him as he was sharing the truth of Jesus with others?
How did Jesus change you?
With whom can you share your testimony this week?

Thursday – Read Ephesians 2:8-10
By what are we saved?
What does it mean to us that the faith that saved us is a gift from God?
How should that truth impact how we share Jesus with others?
How is god challenging you? How will you respond?

Friday – Read I Thessalonians 1:2-5
Why is the Holy Spirit of key importance to sharing the gospel with others?
How do faith, hope and love make us more effective in sharing the gospel?
How does this passage challenge you? How will you respond?

Saturday – Read Matthew 5:1-12

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