Home Study for May 6 through 11, 2013

Home Study

Monday – Read Luke 10:1-2
Where was Jesus sending the appointed 72?
What do you suppose He was sending them to do?
How were they to pray?
How does this apply to our lives today?
How does this passage challenge you? How will you respond?

Tuesday – Read Luke 10:3-7
Why did Jesus say these 72 were like lambs among wolves?
Who was to be their protector?
How were they to relate to the people to whom the ministered?
Why was this important? Is it still important today?

Wednesday – Read Luke 10:8-16
The message the 72 were appointed to deliver is “the kingdom of God is near.” Does mean that God is in charge, has a plan and is working in the lives and affairs of people?
Why was it important for people to know that?
Is that the message we are to proclaim today?
How can we best do that?

Thursday – Read Luke 10:17-20
How did God work through the efforts of the 72?
Did they minister like this through their own wisdom and power or through the power of the Holy Spirit?
How does this apply to our service to Jesus today?

Friday – Read Luke 10:21-24
How did Jesus respond to the effective ministry of the 72?
What pattern does this set for us today?
Take time to thank God for what He has done and is doing in your life.

Saturday – Read John 7:1-13

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