Home Study for November 25 through 30, 2013

Monday – Read Psalm 96:1-13
For what does the Psalmist praise the Lord in this psalm?
How should we respond to this call to praise?

Tuesday – Read Psalm 100:1-4
What reasons for joy does the psalmist mention here?
What are some ways of expressing our joy does he mention here?
Take time to express your thanks to God.

Wednesday – Read Psalm 98:1-9
For what reasons does the psalmist praise the Lord in this psalm?
What are some ways that the psalmist calls people to praise the Lord?
What are some ways that you can praise the Lord today?
Take time to praise Him.

Thursday – Read Psalm 103:1-22
What are some things for which the psalmist praised the Lord?
Which apply to our lives today?
Which of these things gives you the greatest hope?
Take time to praise the Lord.

Friday – Read Romans 8:28-39
What hope does this passage give us?
Think of a time when God was able to work a difficult situation for good in your life. How did that build your faith? How did it give you hope?
What does it mean that nothing can separate you from the love of God that is in Christ Jesus?
Take time to give God thanks for His love and his work in your life.

Saturday – Read Matthew 8:18-22

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