Home Study for November 26 through December 1, 2012

Monday – Read Matthew 28:16-20

By whose power and authority do we serve Jesus?

How is that different than trying to serve in our own?

What does Jesus mean to when He says we are to go?”

To whom is Jesus calling you to go?


Tuesday – Read Acts 1:1-11

What did Jesus want to give the believers before they went out to serve Him?

Why was that important?

Is it still important for us today? Why? What should we do?


Wednesday – Read Acts 8:1-8

Even though the believers weren’t sent out by their own choice how did God use them?

How does what happened here fit with John 14:12?

What does Jesus want to do through us in these days?

What keeps this from happening?


Thursday – Read Acts 8:26-40

Where did Philip encounter the Ethiopian official?

Who led Philip to this man (see verse 29)?

Do you think this man had ever entered a Christian church to get his question answered?

How is this official like many people in our community today?

How might Jesus work through us to reach those people?


Friday – Read Romans 12:1-8

How can we know God’s will?

Why is it important to think of ourselves with sober judgment in accordance with the faith God has given us?

Why is it important to realize that each member of the body of Christ belongs to all the others (verse 5)?

What responsibility does that place upon each of us?

How does this passage challenge you? What will you do?


Saturday – Read Nehemiah 4:1-9


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